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About Me

Hello, my name is MEDS, but it has nothing to with the medical field or narcotics. In general, I'm just an island fox

I have a few other nerdy/techy interests, such as 3D modeling and 3D printing (commission me!) and HiFi audio and video. I'm also fairly active in virtual reality (VR), mainly VRChat. I'm also interested in working on cars, computers.


alt text

MEDS was made by theKarelia Fursuits. I've had him since February 2nd 2017. I really enjoy any chance I get to fursuit around. MEDS gets a lot of use, mostly at conventions, but I have been known to fursuit at furmeets and around town. Most images in the gallery are of me suiting.


Here's a list of conventions that I've attended or am planning to attend.

Stuff I like

  • Mastodon - Federated social media platorm. Follow me!
  • Friends of the Island Fox - A very successful conservation effort protecting the island foxes. I highly recommend you read into them and consider donating. At the least, their monthly emails are packed with adorable pictures and stories.
  • - What is a foxtaur anyway?