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About Me

Hello, my name is MEDS, but it has nothing to with the medical field or narcotics. In general, I'm just a non-medicinal island fox, who as of recently, travels to several different furry cons around the US.

Several of my interests are nerdy, tech things, such as 3D modeling and 3D printing (commission me!) and HiFi audio and video. I'm also interested in working on cars, computers.

What is Furry?

Although one can probably find several varying answers to this question online, I figured, for the sake of context, I should answer it by describing what furry means to me. The basic answer is that furry is a fandom centered around a love of anthropomorphic animal characters. That is, animal characters with human characterists. Often, that means that the character, walks, talks, and/or thinks, much like a person would.

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In addition to celebrating anthropomorphic characters in popular culture, the community produces a substantial amount of it own furry content in the form of artwork (traditional and digital), videos, literature, costumes and music.

I entered furry Summer of 2016 largely because I was disappointed with my social circles at college. I craved companions that were open-minded and a more creative that the people I was meeting at college. Immediately, I was able to find the hosts of FurCast, and I knew that the furry community could contain some potentially amazing people. Over the years, primarily participating in conventions, I've made several extraordinary connections and friendships within the fandom.

Furry has been a great outlet for me. Really it's given me an opportunity to choose my own family and connect with people from all over the world. I think that the most extraordinary people in the world also end up mixed up in the furry fandom. Regardless, I really have enjoyed the opportunity to travel around the United States and the world and knowing that I have friends to watch my back.


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Personally, my favorite aspect of furry is fursuiting. MEDS was made by theKarelia Fursuits. I've had him since February 2nd 2017. I really enjoy any chance I get to fursuit around. MEDS gets a lot of use, mostly at conventions, but I have been known to fursuit at furmeets and around town. Most images in the gallery are of me suiting.

Mississippi Anthropomorphics

Mississippi Anthropomorphics seeks to further the furry community in Mississippi, by providing an online community, hosting furmeets around the state, and traveling to conventions. When I first got into furry, I saw many furries had a local community to interact with. I really wanted something like that in Mississippi, but nothing existed at the time. However, I was able to find an old group called Mississippi Anthropomorphics. Over time, I was able to revive it into the largest furry group in MS. A few standalone groups even spawned off of it including Starkville Furs and MS Gulf Coast Furries.

MSAnthro Telegram

MSAnthro Facebook


Here's a list of conventions that I've attended or am planning to attend.

Stuff I like

  • FurCast - An incredibly well-produced podcast, about trivial furry things. Very entertaining!
  • Friends of the Island Fox - A very successful conservation effort protecting the island foxes. I highly recommend you read into them and consider donating. At the least, their monthly emails are packed with adorable pictures and stories.
  • Furry Map - A map of all the furries in the world.
  • - What is a foxtaur anyway?